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Student life

CCNM’s location offers entertainment, leisure and cultural activities

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CCNM’s four-acre campus includes an onsite residence, a 248-seat lecture theatre, a well-equipped library, a fitness facility, a healthy-foods cafeteria, a bookstore/dispensary, as well as the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. The campus’ convenient location, near the subway, shops and restaurants, makes it easy to enjoy what Toronto has to offer.

A strong and dynamic voice for CCNM students, the Naturopathic Students’ Association (NSA) fosters a sense of community amongst students, faculty and administration. A student health plan is provided through the NSA, and students are automatically registered for its benefits.

Students can also get involved with the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA), a non-profit that represents naturopathic medical students across North America. The NMSA operates on the core values of empowerment, community, impact, and integrity. They offer leadership and professional development opportunities for students.


Each year seven executive members are elected to the Naturopathic Students’ Association from the student body to represent the interests of the students in all aspects pertaining to their education, clinical experiences and everyday life as a future naturopathic doctor.

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