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Share your clinical knowledge and experience with tomorrow's NDs

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Preceptoring is a component of the ND program that allows students to observe health-care practitioners in the community. The goal of the preceptor program is to give CCNM students a wide variety of experiences in different health-care settings in order to develop the clinical knowledge, attitudes and skills relevant to the role of a naturopathic doctor.


Remember when you were a student and gained valuable clinical knowledge from practising NDs? Now you can share your clinical knowledge and experience with tomorrow’s NDs. Become a preceptor and share a transformative relationship with a CCNM student today!

Benefits of hosting a CCNM student for preceptorship:

  • Provides exposure to potential future associates
  • Stimulates practice innovations and improvement through exposure to new approaches in assessment and patient management taught at CCNM
  • Provides CE credits for NDs registered in the province of Ontario
  • It's enjoyable!

*Preceptors need to perform 30 hours of preceptoring (hosting) on an annual basis in order to be eligible for ongoing benefits.


Please contact the office of clinical education:
(416) 498-1255 ext. 241

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