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How we decide

CCNM’s degree program develops naturopathic doctors

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The decision to admit an applicant is based primarily on the applicant’s undergraduate grade point average (average 3.3) and admissions interview. In addition, the applicant will be assessed based on the following qualitative measures:


The purpose of this interview is to assess an applicant’s ability to successfully complete the program and become an effective naturopathic doctor. Applicants are chosen for interviews based on their academic performance.

The interview team consists of one faculty member and one fourth-year student intern.

There are three components to the 45-minute interview:
  1. Scenarios with applicable questions (for which no prior medical knowledge is required)
  2. Questions related to motivation and familiarity with naturopathic medicine
  3. An opportunity for open dialogue

Assessment of communication skills, commitment to naturopathic medicine and integrity will be ongoing during the interview.


Applicants are required to complete a personal statement/essay. Please follow the specific instructions and maximum character count provided when answering the essay questions, which are included in the application.


Three letters of reference must be submitted online:

  • One academic reference
  • One reference from a regulated health-care professional
  • One reference from either of the above categories or a past employer/volunteer supervisor

It is strongly recommended that you choose someone who has known you for two years or more, although consideration will be given to references who have know you for a minimum of one year. You should choose someone who can comment on your capacity in the following areas:

  • Business management skills
  • High ethical standards and initiative
  • Demonstrated tolerance, compassion and empathy
  • Ability to handle stress and solve problems


Applicants must submit a current curriculum vitae/resume including the following information:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Awards
  • Skills and abilities


Interviews are conducted at CCNM in Toronto for applicants who are able to travel to the campus. In extenuating circumstances, interviews may be conducted via Skype for applicant.

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