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Graduate successes

Successful naturopathic medicine practices

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Completing a naturopathic medicine degree at the CCNM is just the first step to becoming a practicing naturopathic doctor. There are many avenues to achieving success, whether it is by opening an individual practice, joining an established clinic, or perhaps focusing on research. Read on for a few stories about CCNM’s graduate successes.

Meet Dr. Brenda Tapp, ND (Class of 2012)

Dr. Tapp focuses on adjunctive cancer treatments at the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine. In addition to adjunctive cancer care, her clinic provides family health care, cosmetic acupuncture and women’s health services. In both 2014 and 2015, Dr. Tapp was awarded the Business Excellence Award in Health and Wellness, sponsored by the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Committee.

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“ Our medicine is so incredibly powerful and I am grateful that my training allows me to improve not just symptoms of my patients, but their overall quality of life.”

Dr. Brenda Tapp, ND
Dr. Ellen McDonell, ND

Meet Dr. Ellen McDonnell, ND (Class of 2015)

Dr. McDonnell accepted a two-year residency position at the CCNM’s Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC). A large focus of her research residency is gained from her work in the clinic, as well as working with the CCNM research department on clinical trials, such as a Canada/U.S. integrative oncology study.

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“Through my research at the OICC, I look forward to adding to the body of evidence supporting the use of naturopathic medicine in adjunctive cancer care.”

Meet Dr. Adam Breiner, ND (Class of 2002)

Dr. Breiner focuses on brain health at The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center in Connecticut. Part of a five-person team, Dr. Breiner’s work uses neurofeedback to treat a variety of neurological conditions, such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Part of his work in this field includes spreading the word about the success he has seen with his patients by speaking at international conferences and attending the U.S. Congressional Task Force in Washington about concussions and TBI.

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“There is research to back these treatments and other health-care professionals are becoming more receptive, and as a result, have referred patients to me. It’s pretty amazing to see people respond so well to naturopathic treatment.”

Dr. Adam Breiner, ND
Dr. Natasha Montroy

Meet Dr. Natasha Montroy, ND (Class of 2004)

Dr. Montroy, along with her team of 10 health-care professionals, incorporates counselling, massage therapy, and acupuncture at her practice, Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Montroy is a frequent guest on Breakfast Television and the local radio station in Victoria, B.C., promoting the benefits of naturopathic care. These appearances that have helped grow her clinic.

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“Integrative health care is our primary goal and it was a group decision to incorporate counselling, registered massage therapy and acupuncture.”

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