Establishing an international research collaborative for naturopathy: The International Research Consortium of Naturopathic Academic Clinics (IRCNAC)

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Naturopathy is a system of health-care through which practitioners apply core philosophies, theories and principles to integrate medical knowledge with natural treatment options. In recent years the naturopathic community has developed a stronger international coherence. Alongside this growing connectivity in the global naturopathic profession, there have been a number of calls for more systematic research attention to be devoted to naturopathy as a substantive research topic, as well as a need for the naturopathic profession to hone a culture of research and evidence-based practices and skillsets. Progress in this area has been made through the development of more pragmatic and whole systems naturopathic research. One aspect which is currently missing in the global naturopathic research landscape despite this growing pattern of practice-based, whole systems research is the application of international multicentre research projects. In response, we have established a research consortium for naturopathic academic clinics in four countries and across multiple world regions. This paper serves to overview the mission, scope and membership of the research consortium and explore some of the research designs and questions which it may support.

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Amie Steel, Joshua Goldenberg, Kieran Cooley
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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