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Challenging Case in Clinical Practice: Improvement in Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain with Use of Arnica Oil Massage, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and Acupuncture—A Case Report

Chronic pain affects approximately one in five Canadians and costs the health-care system approximately $62 billion each year. The average sufferer has lived with chronic pain for six years, has tried an average of 2.4 prescribed pain medications, and their risk of committing suicide is doubled compared to those living without chronic pain. Osteoarthritis (OA) in particular is accompanied with chronic pain and, unlike other causes of chronic pain, does not resolve. Surgery for pain relief is indicated in some individuals.

Naturopathic care for chronic low back pain: a randomized trial.

OBJECTIVE: Chronic low back pain represents a substantial cost to employers through benefits coverage and days missed due to incapacity. We sought to explore the effectiveness of Naturopathic care on chronic low back pain. METHODS: This study was a randomized clinical trial. We randomized 75 postal employees with low back pain of longer than six weeks duration to receive naturopathic care (n = 39) or standardized physiotherapy (n = 36) over a period of 12 weeks. The study was conducted in clinics on-site in postal outlets.

Naturopathic treatment of rotator cuff tendinitis among Canadian postal workers: A randomized controlled trial

OBJECTIVE: To explore the effectiveness of naturopathic care (NC) on rotator cuff tendinitis using a prospective randomized clinical trial design. METHODS: Canadian postal workers with rotator cuff tendinitis for a duration of >6 weeks were randomized to receive NC (n=43) or standardized physical exercises (PEs; n=42) over 12 weeks. Participants in the NC group received dietary counseling, acupuncture, and Pholgenzym (2 tablets, 3 times/day). The PE intervention group received passive, active-assisted, and active range of motion exercises and matched placebo.

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