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RAJAN SANKARAN – SYNERGY: Towards Consistent Results in Homeopathy

August 20, 2016 to August 23, 2016

24 Category B
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NDs, Healthcare Practitioners, Students
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Course description

Venue: Sam Sorbara Auditorium, 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto, Canada
Course fees: 
Complete 4-Day seminar (Aug 20-23, 2016): $600
Introduction to the method 2-Day seminar (Aug 20-21, 2016): $350
After thirty years taking us ever deeper into the nature of disease and healing, Dr Sankaran's teachings have completed a full cycle in the evolution of the Sensation Approach. He will demonstrate, through live cases, how an integrated approach to case taking and analysis can help to match the deepest state of the patient. He will share his wide knowledge of provings, materia medica and repertory, which are the bases of his practice and teaching.
You will learn:
-    How to see various levels of experience in the patient 
-    How to use the approach according to levels of experience 
-    How to use Materia Medica and repertory in tandem 
-    How to dwell in the sensation or experience 
-    How to use different techniques in repertorization 
-    How to use source information 
-    How to use complimentary healing methods 
-    How to follow-up long term 
-    How to treat difficult pathologies 
-    How to treat children using Synergy 
-    How to sharpen skills of observation and case-taking

Rajan Sankaran
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom), FSHom (UK) is an internationally renowned thinker, teacher, and writer of the homoeopathic system of medicine. He is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path-breaking concepts in homoeopathy such as the concept of disease as a delusion, the categorization of remedy states into kingdoms and the concept of seven levels. His work on the plant kingdom flagged an expanded number of miasms and pioneering work on the sensation linked the patient more strongly to the source of the remedy. Dr Sankaran’s latest work calls for system and symptoms to be seen as two sides of the same coin, the integration of classical tenets and newer concepts. & He is the creator of the “Sensation Method” of homeopathy, and gives lectures and seminars throughout the world since 1983.He is the author of several books, including The Spirit of Homeopathy, The Substance of Homeopathy, The Sensation in Homeopathy, and& Homeopathy for Today’s World. He lives in Mumbai, India and is the head of& The Other Song: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, and lives and& practices& in the Juhu area of Mumbai.

Saturday, August 20, 2016 - seminar

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