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Parenteral therapy update and IVIT advances: Dr. Paul Anderson, ND

6 Category A - IVIT
Open to: 
NDs, health-care practitioners

Course description

The use of parenterals beyond vitamins and minerals can be quite beneficial to patient outcomes. Proper assessment, dosing and incorporation of these items is crucial for safe administration and best outcomes. This session will look at selected amino acid, methylation and lipoic complex preparations and the biologic effects, administration and safety parameters of each.

Also find out the latest information on the new regulations governing the practice of IV therapy.

  • What are the allowed IV substances?
  • What are the new first aid medicines for IV therapy?
  • What are the new regulations for IV in Ontario?
  • What are the new charting requirements?

You will learn:

  • The biochemistry and indications for single amino acids, mixed amino acids, and methyl support nutrients
  • How to use basic lab data to adjust an IV formula
  • Dosing variations between oral and IV prescriptions
  • Indications, dosage ranges, and safety considerations for amino acids, methyl nutrients, and lipoic acid complexes

Research project outcomes

Practical lessons learned from patient care and research for those with cancer and chronic disease:

  • How are the outcomes from the Bastyr Cancer Trial
  • How can those impact our daily practice?
  • What are the important lessons learned about the synergy of parenteral additives?
  • How do we incorporate all this in a safe and effective manner?

Includes a roundtable discussion with both Dr. Saunders and Dr. Anderson.


Paul Anderson - Instructor

Dr. Anderson is medical director of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Former positions include professor of pharmacology and clinical medicine at Bastyr University and chief of IV services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center. He is a graduate of NCNM and began instructing classes at naturopathic medical schools in the early 1990’s. He continues to hold board review classes and CME courses for most of the US and Canadian ND programs including BU, NCNM, Boucher Institute, UB, SCNM and CCNM. He also is a founding board member of the Academy of Parenteral Therapies specialty group and an instructor and author for the IIVNTP IV therapy training group.

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