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NEURO-MERIDIAN Integrative Acupuncture

February 4, 2016 to February 8, 2016

NCCAOM 66PDA/CEU; Catgeory A Credits Pending
CCNM, Online
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Students (1-3), NDs, Healthcare Practitioners
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January 15, 2016
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Course description

5-Day Intensive Practical Sessions
+ On-line Video Lectures
+ “New” Anatomy Prosection Labs
For the advanced treatment of neuromyofascial pain! 
This post-graduate program integrates energy-based Eastern acupuncture with anatomy-based Western acupuncture. Clinicians will develop advanced palpation and needling techniques to treat pain and neuromuscular disorders. 
• Needling techniques used by medical acupuncturists
• Precise acupuncture anatomy (during cadaveur labs)
• Palpation and expected deQi response for points
• NeiJing analysis for pain-related treatment strategies
Patients mostly seek acupuncture for neuro-muscular pain conditions. Yet the typical TCM acupuncture curriculum emphasizes internal medicine at the expense of physical medicine skills. This continuing education program aspires to fill this void in clinical training.
Eastern medicine reveres ancient canons as the highest authority whereas Western medicine esteems peer-reviewed journals as the gold standard. Therefore we integrated medical canons with scientific research to create a program that preserves the core values unique to each system.
This is an advanced program that trains clinicians to possess the critical and manual skills to treat a wide variety of neuro-muscular pain conditions. Our mission is to prepare acupuncture clinicians to become experts in integrative pain medicine.
Watch the clip.
- Learn Applied Acupuncture Anatomy during cadaver lab practicals (NEW in 2014!)
- Learn authentic (pre-TCM) point locations from the Inner Classic and Systematic Classic
- Learn precise palpation, exact intention and expected DeQi response for each point
- Line-by-line Inner Classic analysis for pain-related treatment strategies
- Learn needling techniques used by anesthesiologists and medical acupuncturists
- Learn the similarities between canonical point anatomy and neuro-anatomy.
- Understand the nervous system to refine intention and needle precision.
- Learn how to apply electrical stimulation based on motor-sensory integration concepts.
- Learn how to select distal points based on Neuro-Meridian synchronization.
- Learn how to apply an elegant S.M.A.R.T. treatment plan (Sensory, Motor, Autonomic, Radiculopathy & Trigger)
Students receive the lecture component as distance-based online webinars. The weekend intensives are dedicated to developing manual techniques such as neuro-palpation and peripheral nerve needling, as well as hands-on time in a cadaver lab. Registration for distance-based learning is available on an on-going basis. 
All classes are held at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, located at 1255 Sheppard Ave. E. Toronto, Ontario. The anatomy lab portion of the 5-day practicals are two mornings from 9am-12pm and are held at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 6100 Leslie St. Toronto, Ontario. 
"I was looking for an acupuncture course that synthesized the wisdom of the Classics in acupuncture theory with our current understanding of the body. I found it here. Poney is a great teacher. Every week, I am able to use what I learn the next day in my clinical practice with great results. My relationship with the myofascia and the nervous system will never be the same. I would recommend this course for any acupuncture enthusiast who has a desire to create effective protocols that produce results. This course will give you an edge.” Jennifer Hong, ND
"This course seamlessly integrates both Eastern and Western views in treating and diagnosing not only pain, but also many systemic conditions that involve the nervous system. Since taking this course, I have a wider perspective on how to diagnose causes of pain; I also have more focus and direction when developing a treatment plan. From a practical standpoint, this course teaches many techniques which are very effective and can be implemented easily in one's practice. I can say, without a doubt, since taking this course I have noticed a marked improvement in pain treatment outcomes." Linda Shih, ND

Poney Chiang, PhD, RTCMP, R.Ac., Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)
Poney received a PhD from the Institute of Medical Science (University of Toronto) and a 4 year professional Masters degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. He apprenticed for 5 years in a medical lineage that once consulted for the Forbidden Palace. Poney began teaching in 2008 and has been asked to teach his acupuncture training program at professional development seminars to acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, physiotherapist and chiropractors. He is an author to a number of Oriental Medicine publications and has appeared numerous times on local television (OMNI News) as an expert in Chinese medicine. Poney was a speaker for the York Region Police Association, Asian Integrative Medicine Symposium and International Contemporary Acupuncture Symposium. In 2013 he founded the Neuro-Meridian Integrative Acupuncture Certificate Program in collaboration with the CCNM. This unconventional program integrates Chinese medical classics with the latest peer-reviewed medical journals to provide a synergistic approach to acupuncture. His students call this integrative curriculum "The Future of Acupuncture."

“I am very impressed with Poney’s work and honestly can say that I have had a great eye opener on treating pain.” Theodora Noumtinis, R.Ac

"I was looking for an acupuncture course that synthesized classical acupuncture theory with our current understanding of the body.” Jennifer Hong ND

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