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CE WEEKEND 2014 (at CCNM) - Bringing Research into Practice

January 11, 2014 to January 12, 2014

2-Jurisprudence; 3-Pharmacology; 2-TCM; 2-Homeopathy; 2-Nutirition; 1-Liffestyle; 1-General
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NDs, Healthcare Practitioners, Students
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December 31, 2013
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One-day Rate
$179 - ND/Heathcare Practitioner
$159 - Early-Bird Practitioner
$139 - CCNM Alumni Assoc Member/Staff
$125 - Student
**Available LIVE or via LIVE WEBINAR**
Please join us for our 3rd annual Research in Practice weekend at CCNM. The weekend will feature a variety of speakers providing the most recent research and relevant naturopathic news from the past year. The weekend will include presentations by including and CCNM’s own research department.
SATURDAY January 11, 2014
9-10am Evidence-Based Diagnosis – 1-General
10-12pm Acupuncture & Infertility in Research – 2-TCM
1-3pm Bridging Methods of Homeopathy – 2-Homeopathy
3:30-5:30pm Depression & Chronic Fatigue – 1-Lifestyle, 1-Nutirition
SUNDAY January 12, 2014
10-12pm Jurisprudence Update – 2-Jurisprudence
1-3pm CCNM Research Updates – 1-Pharmacology, 1-Nutrition
3:30-5:30pm Helping Anti-Depressants Work Better – 2-Pharmacology
CPR Certification – CPR Certification will be offered on Friday Jan 10, 2014 from 5:30 – 10:30pm. CPR registration can be done at www.ccnm.edu/ce_courses

Keith Pownall LLC LLM; Neemez Kassam ND LAc; Mirjana Milanovic MD DHMHS; Chris Roberts ND; Heidi Fritz ND, Kieran Cooley ND; Peter Bongiorno ND LAc
Jurisprudence Update – Keith Pownall LLC LLM

The presentation will cover two separate topics. First, I will review the Controlled Acts regulation scheduled to come into effect on March 31, 2014. Second, feedback that I have received from CCNM graduates indicates that there is an information deficit within the profession with respect to basic employment law.

Acupuncture & Infertility in Research – Neemez Kassam ND LAc

Recently there have been numerous studies on the use of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to treat infertility. This talk will discuss the current published research on infertility treatments and point out what is recommended in terms of timing, frequency, acupuncture points, moxabustion, and Chinese herbs. Included in this talk will be a Cochrane review which looks at numerous studies and establishes efficacy for the treatment. We will also discuss the deficits in the current research and outline what is needed from the research community.

Bridging Repertorization with Modern Methods – Mirjana Milanovic MD DHMHS

Classical homeopathy has relied on repertorization as the main method for selecting remedies. Modern approaches have expanded concepts including kingdoms, miasms and sensations in order to aid in their selection. This presentation will merge these two philosophies by demonstrating both modern and classical approaches to remedy selection can be used to support using the same remedy.

Evidence-Based Diagnosis – Chris Roberts ND

This presentation will teach you how to refine your clinical decision making by teaching techniques for evaluating diagnostic research. The diagnostic literature often discusses likelihood ratios which is a poorly understood concept. Learning how to understand and interpret these numbers will make your questioning and physical exam more efficient.

CCNM Research Updates – Heidi Fritz ND, Kieran Cooley ND
1-Pharmacology, 1-Nutrition

This presentation will cover…
- A review of the audits of management and treatment of Hypertension, Asthma, and Infertility.
- A systematic review of vitamin D pharmacokinetics, including the research outlining any possible positive and negative interactions with conventional chemotherapies
- The diagnostic predictability of 5 food allergy tests and the impact of an elimination diet on IBS.

Depression and Chronic Fatigue – Peter Bongiorno ND LAc
1-Lifestyle, 1-Nutirition

While these conditions may span the variegated disciplines and diagnoses of psychiatry, rheumatology, and neurology, there are clear underlying principles that bind them. The purpose of this lecture is to identify these underpinnings in order to discuss the neuro-immuno-endocrine commonalities among them to help identify patient specific natural treatments aimed to correct the underlying causes, thus decreasing the need to chase symptoms.

Helping Anti-Depressants Work Better – Peter Bongiorno ND LAc

Compelling emerging research suggests that nutrient deficiencies may play a strong role in why the drugs are not working. This talk will go through the pharmacology of anti-depressants and examine which lab tests are the most useful, and which natural treatments (supplements, hormones, lifestyle, etc...) have been shown to help the drugs work their best – so you can help the patient work on the underlying causes and then to help them finally get off the drugs. Case studies highlighting antidepressant use and the weaning process will be discussed.

Saturday, January 11, 2014 - Saturday 9am - 5:30pm

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