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BDDT-N PT Emergency Medicine Course

February 21, 2014

5-IV Therapy Credits
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Course description

This is a BDDT-N mandated course. It is a one-day mandatory course providing practical experience to prepare ND's for the effective emergency management of naturopathic patients undergoing parenteral therapies. The course will present some of the most common parenteral therapy complications that can occur in a naturopathic office and solutions to prevent and treat these complications. The course consists of self-assessment and practical scenarios, which will be peer assessed and discussed with the instructor. Some practical scenarios include:
- Air embolism
- Allergic reaction
- Anaphylactic reaction
- Aspiration
- Circulatory overload
- Extravasation
- Hematoma
- Infiltration
- Nerve, tendon or ligament damage
- Phlebitis
- Septicemia
- Severed catheter (catheter emboli)
- Stroke
- Syncope
- Thrombophlebitis
- Thrombosis
- Venous spasm
- Venous occlusion

Virginia Osborne ND

Location: CCNM

Please carefully read details of the course below as there are some registration requirements and equipment requirements.

Each participant must bring:
-1 Pillow
-1 Blanket
-1 BP cuff (sphygmomanometer)
-1 stethescope
-1 Pen light for pupillary reaction test
-1 Thermometer
-1 Watch with second hand or digital watch with seconds counted

A package will be sent to the address that you have provided on your online registration. It is expected that you review the package that is sent to you and that you be prepared for the scenarios that will be presented at the course. There will be no lecture style teaching at the beginning of the course, and you will be asked to handle clinically relevant scenarios based on the guidelines provided in the package that you will be sent. Please come prepared to handle live scenarios by reviewing the material sent in your package.

Friday, February 21, 2014 - Friday 10am - 4pm

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