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Registration and payment information

Online course registration will remain open until five business days prior to the start of the course or until the course reaches maximum enrolment (30 participants), whichever comes first. Tuition is due at the time of registration, may be paid by credit card, and payments are subject to the policies outlined below.

Course dates

Prerequisite science courses (PSCs) are offered in a blended online format. This format includes live online classes that allow students to take these courses from anywhere, and to complete a three- to six-credit course in a condensed seven-15 week period. Given the condensed nature of the courses, students should expect to reserve a minimum of 10 hours per week per course to complete the online modules, assessments, and tutorials. Students planning to take more than two prerequisite courses simultaneously are advised to consider their other weekly commitments, including work or other obligations prior to registration.

Course format

All PSC courses are now offered in a blended online format which includes both online self-study modules and live webinar classes/tutorials with the course instructor once per week. Online modules are accessible at the start of the course via our online content management system, and live tutorials take place one evening per week from 7:30 - 9 p.m. EST per course. Assessments include completing online modules, virtual labs/assignments, quizzes, a midterm test, and a final exam, as outlined in the course descriptions.

Attendance and missed classes

Access to the course will be provided one week prior to the start of the course, and attendance at online tutorials is expected. Students enrolled in prerequisite sciences at CCNM are bound by the student code of conduct as outlined in the CCNM academic calendar.

Completion of prerequisite sciences courses does not guarantee admission into CCNM's Doctor of Naturopathy degree program.

Course withdrawal/refunds

Once an applicant confirms attendance in a course(s) by submitting the required tuition, the following withdrawal/refund policy will apply:

Students who withdraw from one or more courses must give written/electronic notice to the Registrar. The notice must be dated and signed by the student. If nothing is received, the last date of attendance will be the effective date of withdrawal and will be the date used to close out the student’s account. Any tuition refunds or remaining financial obligations to the College will be assessed based on the last date of attendance. Failure to attend two scheduled classes without permission will be deemed to constitute a withdrawal from the course.

Withdrawal notice received prior to the second week of course: One hundred per cent (100%) refund minus a $100 registration fee.

Withdrawal notice received after the second week of the course: When a student withdraws after the second week but prior to the scheduled midway point, the refund will be the course cost minus a $100 registration fee and any earned tuition. Refunds will be calculated based on the date that written notification indicating the intent to withdraw is received by CCNM. Once the course reaches the midpoint, no refunds will be awarded. Students withdrawing prior to the midpoint will receive a grade of “W” on their transcript. Withdrawal after the midpoint will result in a grade of “F” on their transcript.

Course transfer

Please note that we do not transfer enrolment from one PSC course to another. Those wishing to transfer will need to withdraw (see course withdrawal/refund) and re-enrol.

Earned tuition will be calculated on a course-by-course basis using the following formula:

Total Tuition x (Number of Weeks Attended/Total Number of Weeks of Classes) = Total Earned Tuition


For further information on prerequisite sciences, please contact us at 1 (866) 241-2266 ext. 368 or

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