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NPLEX registration

Writing NPLEX I or II soon? We have your registration details here.

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Are you planning to write NPLEX I or II in February? Registration for both exams is open from November 1 to November 30, 2019 on NABNE's website; after the registration period is over, you cannot apply for this round of exams.

Please ensure that the name on your registration is the same one on SONIS (check your portal) as well as the government issued ID you will be using on the day of the exam.

You should have completed the NABNE/CONO release of information for licensing exams (PDF) when you registered at CCNM; by having done so we will send a release letter on your behalf to NABNE. Please check your sent folder in your email to ensure that you have sent this waiver before sending any inquiry to If you haven't completed this form, please do so and send to Student Services.

Important things to know:

  • NABNE has posted a Clinical Elective Pharmacology Examination on their website. CONO has indicated that additional discussion and review is needed as to specifics as there appears to be some content differences between NABNE’s pharmacology elective and the currently approved Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics course and exam. So if you choose to take this examination, be aware that you will not be certified by CONO. At present only successful completion of CONO’s Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics course and exam can result in certification by CONO.
  • If you plan to write a licensing exam (with CONO or the CNPBC, for example), you must obtain an official transcript from CCNM. You can request your transcript by completing the transcript request form.
  • The College will forward the requested documentation to NABNE and CONO/CNPBC. Please be aware that our deadline for submission is much later than yours. So if you are looking up the status of you NABNE application, it is likely to indicate that your letter of eligibility has not yet been submitted. Do not worry, it will get there.

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