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Naturopathic aesthetics clinical series: assessment in naturopathic aesthetics

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Naturopathic aesthetics clinical series: assessment in naturopathic aesthetics

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students, NDs, health-care practitioners
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Course description

In the growth of naturopathic aesthetics, we are fortunate to have access to a wide amount of studies, research reviews, and even textbooks covering relevant topics such as cosmeceuticals, nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and even acupuncture. Having said that, despite this plethora of therapeutic options, the naturopathic doctor looking to integrate an aesthetics component into their practice requires a place to start, especially from the viewpoint of assessing common aesthetic concerns. As such, the goal for this course is to explore key components of aesthetic assessment, evaluation, and methods to better measure outcomes in the achievement of our patient’s cosmetic goals.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the role, benefit, and usage of a various assessment tools
  • Identify key components and methods of taking optimal before and after cosmetic clinical photographs
  • Evaluate how different skin types set the stage for an individualized treatment plan
  • Explore the role and benefit of various patient reported outcomes measures
  • Integrate and evaluate sample naturopathic aesthetics assessment forms

Dr. Rob Ayoup, ND - Instructor

Dr. Rob Ayoup, ND, completed his B.Sc. in psychology from McGill University. He then attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and graduated in 2002. The bridge into naturopathic aesthetics began soon after graduation. Upon completing additional training in cosmetic facial and cellulite acupuncture, Dr. Ayoup soon found a strong interest in his patient population for less invasive and natural approaches to skin health and beauty. This was accelerated by the recognition that this realm of natural-based cosmetics and cosmetic techniques was underexplored in the naturopathic field. As Dr. Ayoup studied and integrated these therapies into his practice, he quickly realized how much naturopathic therapies, and especially our approach, can offer in the arena of aesthetics medicine. Working within various medical spa and fitness facilities has provided a wonderful opportunity to share naturopathic aesthetics with a wide population. Building on his passion for constant learning and teaching, Dr. Ayoup is eager to educate his fellow NDs as to this exciting application of naturopathic medicine.

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