Why Choose CCNM?

Where you go to school is just as important as what you study. Choosing the right school for you will get you on the right track for your entire student and professional career. Here are some points to consider when thinking about which school is right for you :

CCNM has the lowest tuition of all accredited schools in North America

We know that cost is a key factor when considering further education. That's why we endeavour to keep our tuition prices as low as possible, and are proud to offer top quality education at the lowest rate of all accredited naturopathic schools in North America.

We have financial aid in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and emergency student loans to help you. We are also the only Canadian naturopathic school approved to administer student loans for students from the US.

Estimated first year tuition (two semesters):

Tuition Books + fees Total
$20,100 $2,844 $22,944 CAD

CCNM faculty members are leaders in naturopathic medicine and some have literally written the book on naturopathic medicine

A number of our faculty have written and published the very textbooks that are used in other naturopathic schools. Among our faculty members and clinic supervisors, we have NDs, MDs, RNs, RMTs and DCs, as well as MBAs and LLBs teaching business courses.

You can check out our faculty profiles page to get to know some of our faculty before you even get here!

Our grads excel at NPLEX, the North American licensing exams

CCNM's 2012 grads' pass rate was equal to or better than the average all of the schools in North America (including CCNM) in every category. The numbers don't lie, CCNM students achieve academic excellence

Our teaching clinic is the largest naturopathic clinic in North America

Our fourth year interns treat over 100 patients a day at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. We also have seven satellite clinics in community health centres around Toronto with specialties such as HIV/AIDS, and aboriginal health.

With specialty shifts in sports medicine, cancer care, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and pediatrics at the RSNC, you will have the opportunity to see and treat a variety of patients and health concerns.

Our students are involved in international health care

Our students are passionate and have been involved with Natural Doctors International, Naturopaths without Borders, and FIMAFRICA. In 2012, a number of our students went on hopefully-not-only-once-in-a-lifetime trips to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, and Kenya to visit and treat patients at local clinics.

A handful of students also go to India with our faculty to attend a homeopathy conference every year. Like the other groups, these students will also have the opportunity to see and treat patients at local clinics.

Our campus is located in Toronto, the biggest city hub in Canada.

Toronto is a vibrant city that appeals to everybody's interests. From arts, sports, nature trails, social scenes to street festivals, Toronto has something for everyone. CCNM is located directly on the subway line (the subway stop is literally under our parking lot!) and has Toronto's two major highways, the 401 and 404/Don Valley Parkway, less than 5 minutes away. The ever-famous Yonge Street with its eclectic mix of restaurants and shops is only three subway stops away, while the Don River and Don River Trail are across the street from us. You can experience all of Toronto when you step out from CCNM.

CCNM has the biggest ND program of all the schools in North America

A bigger class means you have a bigger community waiting to befriend you. Most people think that a bigger class means that school becomes impersonal, but that is completely untrue when it comes to CCNM. (See the video blow to hear from some of our students!) Your school community will become your support network like no other. The student family is always there for both work and for fun.

Even after graduating, our grads keep in touch and support each other through mediums such as their graduating class year Facebook groups and LinkedIn.

The CCNM community is a family, so you don't feel lost in the fray

Our students continually tell us how close the CCNM family is. You'll have a lot of fun getting to know your classmates, the student association and the upperclassmen at Unity Summit, the orientation retreat for First Years in beautiful Muskoka.

We have an incredibly supportive community, and everyone is here to help you through your studies. Besides your class year, there are many student groups, formal and informal, involved in the school. You're sure to find like-minded people who share the same passions and interests as you at CCNM. And in between study sessions, our students, faculty and staff also know how to have a lot of fun!

Our faculty and staff are not only here for a job, they are here for the students. Student-staff events, like the CCNM Amazing Race and Naturopathic Cafe (talent night), are well attended. One department even held a raffle to bring a student with them to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience doing the CN Tower Edgewalk! (Naturally, the proceeds from the raffle went to support the student union.)

We have in-house and on-campus equipment and facilities that other schools don't have

Our on-campus facilities include a gym (membership free for students), saunas, and the beautiful Paracelcus herb garden. Our library is also home to the the medical simulation room, which houses a variety of of medical models with which students can practice and study.

The RSNC boasts a hydrotherapy suite complete with saunas and peat baths, and a botanical dispensary where patients can have tinctures made. The entire clinic has been newly renovated with new flooring, furniture, and equipment. The new Sports Medicine room is outfitted with a TRX PRO Suspension trainer kit and complete professional Thera-Band Rehab and Wellness Station. We're also home to Body and Mind, the independently-run health foods and book store.

The student lounge is a great place to relax or study with your classmates. There's a tv area (with satellite tv), meditation room, piano room, and seating area complete with chalkboard wall, sound system and foosball table.

Our residences are very affordable, and its residents are social and friendly

Living in residence is like living with your family (but you get your own room). Social events are organized by the residences to make sure you take breaks from studying and have some fun.

The dormitory rooms are very affordable, and have been renovated with new hardwood flooring. Each floor has a number of shared kitchens and lounges with satellite television, and balconies that overlook our herb garden and courtyard. There are laundry facilities located on the ends of each floor. Of course, living on campus means that you have access to all of our other facilities right at your doorstep. We have security guards on site 24 hours a day to ensure your safety.

Services like peer tutoring and counseling are free for students

We all need a little help sometime. Whether you need help with your books, or help with personal issues that have an impact on your studying, CCNM is here to provide help if you need it.