Academic Calendar

2014- 2015
Section 1: Admissions Information
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: how to apply, admission requirements, international students, registrar, advanced standing, accomodation, appeals

Section 2: Student Support Services 
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: peer tutoring, counseling, career resources centre, residence

Section 3: Fees and Financial Information 
(updated February 11, 2015)
Content: tuition, loans, bursaries, scholarships, awards, key performance indicators, withdrawal, refunds

Section 4: Academic Policies 
(updated February 17, 2015)
Content: attendance, exam procedures, exam dates, academic freedom, intellectual property, academic sessions, gpa

Section 5: Conduct 
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: honour code, student code of conduct, dispute resolution policy, academic offences, non-academic offenses, discipline, appeals
Section 6: Program Information 
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: bachelor of naturopathy, course descriptions and listing, clinical requirements, preceptor program, clinical education and operations, absence, business cards, dress code, etiquette, residency program

Section 7: Other College Policies with Potential Application to Students and Applicants 
(updated February 17, 2015)
Content: drug-, fragrance- and smoke-free policies, aoda, bill 168, equal opportunity, harassment, discrimination, institutional closure, formal complaint policy

Section 8: Regulation and Licensure 
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: licensing exams, nplex, nabne

Section 9: Governance and Administration 
(updated August 29, 2014)
Content: vision, mission, ends, history, academic structure, administration list, faculty list

Academic Calendar 2014 - 2015 
(updated February 17, 2015) Full document
Other student documents:

Clinic Operations Manual
Content: patients, clinic procedures, professional conduct, regulations, infractions and sanctions, dress code, attendance policies, email communication, administrative procedure, prescriptions, physical medicine, machines/equipment, additional clinic programs, incident & exposure reports, references, emergency phone numbers, telephone referral resource list, ethical conduct guide, responsibilities, policies

Primary Intern Manual
(updated January 8)
Content: practice management, patient treatments, modalities, and interactions, externships,naturopathic doctor’s oath, program mission statement, minimum semester requirements, evaluations,  monthly record keeping, policy on convocation

Year-at-a-glance 2015-2016  (last updated June 23, 2015)
Year-at-a-glance 2014-2015  (updated August 19)
Academic Calendar 2013-2014  (last updated March 20, 2014)
Previous Academic Calendars are available for download

  • Jul

    Spring term classes end (IMG intake)

  • Aug

    Civic Holiday, CCNM closed (clinic closed August 1 & 3)

  • Aug

    August 4th - 14th
    Final Exam period (IMG intake)
    Midterm grades posted to Moodle (January intake & year 4)

  • Aug

    Spring term classes end (January intake & Year 4)

  • Aug

    August 10th - 21st
    Final Exam period January Intake & Year 4 (spring term)

  • Aug

    August 20th - 26th
    Exam Resit period for spring term final exams (IMG intake)

  • Aug - Sep

    August 27th - September 3rd
    Exam Resit period for spring term final exams (January intake & Year 4)

  • Aug

    Final exam grade release to Moodle (IMG intake)

  • Sep

    Final exam grade release to Moodle (January intake & Year 4)

  • Nov

    November 10th & 12th
    Exam Review Step 2