Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing
Some medical professionals may be eligible for advanced standing in certain CCNM courses. All advanced standing applications will be reviewed by the registrar who will assess the course(s) to ensure they meet the following criteria: 

  • Course(s) must be equivalent or better in the number of credit hours.
  • A passing grade of 65 per cent must have been achieved.
  • Each course must be substantively equivalent (minimum 70 per cent) in content and learning outcomes as compared to the CCNM course it replaces.

No more than 50 per cent of the ND program can be completed via advanced standing credits. All credits are awarded on a course-by-course basis.

Challenge examinations may be required in some cases. All courses approved for advanced standing will show as “EQV” on the CCNM transcript and will not be calculated into a student’s GPA.

If you are an International Medical Graduate, you may qualify for bridge delivery of the ND program.

Transfer credits

CCNM considers applications for transfer credits from applicants who have completed a year or more of academic credit in a CNME-accredited or candidate-for-accreditation institution.

Transfer students must meet the same entrance requirements as other CCNM students and must provide an official letter of recommendation from the transferring institution. Before acceptance becomes official, the registrar must approve the transfer credits. Transfer credits are awarded on a course-by-course basis. No more than 50 per cent of the ND program will be awarded as transfer credits.