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The Chiron Clinic is expanding in Dubai and is currently looking for NDs to join our team. We are looking for both senior and junior doctors. Jrs must possess at least two years clinical experience post NPLEX licensing exams and graduation. This does not include any 4th-year internships. Two year residencies qualify.

The successful candidates will possess excellent clinical skills and be able to work in a very multi-cultural environment and within a dynamic team.

Dubai is an awesome place to work and live. We have sunshine 360 days per year! It is a major melting pot of culture and diversity. We celebrate every religious festival here with open hearts. As a city, Dubai is the NY of the Middle East. From brunching to dancing and art galleries, we have it all.

Nature here is also diverse with beautiful desert, mountains and sea. "The Arabian sunset is breathtaking!” We have surf six months per year, kiteboarding all year round, excellent scuba diving and snorkelling.

Dubai is also an excellent destination to travel to/from. We are within a few hours of India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Asia, and Europe.

As naturopathic physicians, we are on the cutting edge of functional and integrative medicine, and always currently updating our clinical protocols and treatments. We are a family practice and will be expanding into the largest integrative, functional & naturopathic clinic in the country and possibly the Middle East.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn  and to grow within our company. Additional skill sets are welcome but not necessary in: IV therapy, (including Iscador treatments), KST (Koren specific technique chiropractic), NAET (allergy desensitisation), BIE (allergy desensitisation), HBOT, thermography, oncology, fertility, and autism specialities.

Interviews will be taking place in Toronto between January 26-February 1, 2017.

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The Chiron Clinic

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