CCNM's vision integrates mind, body and spirit

Our Vision
CCNM will make naturopathic medicine an integral part of health care through pre-eminent education, research and clinical services.

Our Mission
The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine will:

- Demonstrate excellence in education to our students, supporting them throughout their careers;
- Provide a working environment that allows our faculty and staff to excel;
- Expand our knowledge of naturopathic medicine through high quality research;
- Excel in delivering naturopathic medicine to our patients;
- Forge a strong relationship between allopathic and naturopathic medicine with a focus on affordable, accessible and effective health care;

... and so make the practice of naturopathic medicine widely acknowledged as key to maintaining patient health.

To drive CCNM in its pursuit of excellence in naturopathic medicine, CCNM's Board of Governors has developed a series of "Ends":

  1. Excellence in Education
    Educate naturopathic doctors on the basis of clear and focused curriculum, delivered by the most competent faculty, and graduate high-quality naturopathic doctors.
  2. High-Quality Clinical Services
    Provide high-quality naturopathic care in a clinical setting, resulting in positive educational experiences for students and positive outcomes for patients and clients.
  3. Excellence in Research
    Conduct and disseminate research relevant to naturopathic medicine and help develop skills among faculty, students, and graduates that foster research activity and a culture of evidence-informed clinical practice.
  4. Prominent National Profile
    Increase the awareness and respect of the College among the profession, other health practitioners, government and the public.
  5. Change Agent
    Foster positive change in our health, our environment, and our health-care system through the promotion of the principles and practices of naturopathic medicine.