Course Listings

Course Codesort icon Course Name Course Credit
ASM102 Asian Medicine I 2.0
ASM103 Asian Medicine Point Location I 1.0
BAS103 Biochemistry 3.0
BAS108 Embryology 1.5
BAS115 Immunology 2.5
BAS118 Clinical Physiology I 2.0
BAS119 Clinical Physiology II 2.0
BAS120 Anatomy I 6.5
BAS121 Anatomy II 6.5
BOT101 Botanical Medicine I 2.5
CLE100 Clinic I 1.0
CPH101 Public Health 2.0
HOM100 Homeopathic Medicine I 2.0
NMS101 Ethics and Jurisprudence I 1.0
NPH101 Naturopathic History, Philosophy and Principles 2.0
NPH102 Art and Practice of Naturopathic Medicine 2.0
NUT102 Clinical Nutrition I 3.0
PHM104 Massage/Hydrotherapy 2.0
PSY103 Health Psychology I 2.5
RES100 Principles in Research 2.0